Design and engineering

The company utilizes experienced engineers in the chemical, oil and gas and related industries. the opportunity to engineering services in the fields of civil & structural, electrical process & mechanical and other expertise in the industrial fields.
Atrin Farayand , upon utilizing experienced engineers in chemical , oil and gas and other related industries, has the opportunity to represent to dear managers all design and engineering services in field of civil and structural ,electrical process ,mechanical and other related proficiencies in different fields of industry.

Project Management
Employing skilled and experienced expert is the principles of management of the company in contract management of industrial projects , so that by relying on valuable experience of its expert ,simultaneous representation of schedule timing and budget , providing expert and skilled executives, considering health and safety issues and the most important the observance of quality principles and constant monitoring of all activities, give an assurance that the applying of the project will be done affordable and in the shortest time possible.

Relying on its experienced and skilled experts and its own knowledge based on having connection with international manufacturers and recognition of engineering goods,the company has the ability of providing project goods such as kinds of bulk material , hot and cryogenic insulation, accessories for hot and cold insulation, specialized machinery and materials required for the project on the most suitable time and with the least cost.

Equipment and Balk material :
Atrin Farayand Mahan due to its long-term experience in the industry, is ready to business procurement all necessary equipment and materials for oil, gas, petrochemical, power and other related industries as follow:
  • Process equipment
  • Fixed and rotary equipment
  • Instruments and accessories 
  • All type control & manual valves
  • Special Pipes and fittings
  • Chemical and consumables materials

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