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One of the most important characteristics in common thermal insulation on the oil & gas industry as insulating materials is moisture absorption rate, because when the absorption rate is less, in addition to reducing the amount of heat loss and can be prevented from corrosion under insulation.

For this purpose, the company search to find the best company producing insulation materials in the world and to obtain exclusive representation KDone South Korean Company to provide Superlite thermal insulation and Microporous insulation for oil & gas, petrochemical, power plant and related industries in Iran.

It should be noted is in Superlite insulating, the KDone company special technical used in the production process, for reason the final expanded perlite have closed cell structure. This property reduce the moisture absorption and holds steady the thermal conductivity, for reason reduce the CUI and heat lost by the insulation..

Also about the Microporous insulation must be attention the Microporous insulation have a unique properties and heat transfer coefficient, for reason is a new generation of heat insulation in the oil and gas industry, which in addition to reducing the thickness of insulation requirement and reduce heat loss

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